20 Honest Brutal Truths About Life That will Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

Too honest to be true

Truths About Life

Life is sweet when you have happiness and beautiful when you attain a peak in your career or relationship but maybe is time to sit down for a tea talk discussion over gut issues of life.

Have you ever asked yourself why is that no matter how wonderful life may become we are doomed to sadness, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, illness and all sorts of unpleasant things because is the nature of life that it is so. And this is one of many questions that never comes back with an answer because it is what it is and you just have to live with it.

It is easy to predict the weather forecast or Donald Trump is going to win the next election. Yeah! things like these are predictable because they occur frequently but predicting an alien will invade the earth or the world will come to an end is totally insane to imagine that will really happen because there’re no proofs.

All of those imaginable things already happened, been researched which makes it easy to guess what will happen next, but it is unpredictable to know the world is going to end tomorrow.

This brings us to the core of this article, there are certain things that are bound to happen that needs no predictions or prophecies, they’re just there to compliment life whether you agree or disagree, whether you choose or not to accept it they will happen at their own given time.

Life is a bitch and is nobodies friend, it exist for its own course and you have to adapt to it by putting your sh*t together.

Thinking about you?


Come to think of it if men where God life won’t be free which means you’d have to pay to upgrade anytime you’re running out of credit.


  1. You have no Choice: You’re born into this world without a choice to choose where you’ll be born neither do you get to choose who your parents will be nor get to decide if you’ll be born complete or incomplete, you’re born naked and there’s nothing you can do to change it.
  1. Beyond your Control: Death is one of the things that is beyond our power of control, We know it will happen but we don’t know when, how and who it will take next, it comes at anytime, and you can’t ask it to go and come back until you’re ready. For this reason, it’s wise to start considering building your life in a more significant way.
  1. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine:Life is unfair so is death you can’t question it but you can only make amends while you still can breath so keeping malice and having loggerhead in your relationships is only departing you from the sense of living.
  1. Nothing is Permanent:We are all passers-by in this world we lodge in and check out when our time is due just like in hotels and we still don’t understand it doesn’t add up when we seek permanent things because everything on this earth is temporal and is subjected to time and change, there is nothing meant to last.
  1. Destined to Happen: The only things you are entitled to control in this life is your feelings, decisions, thoughts and your actions, so whatever is destined to happen will happen and all you need to do is always keep your faith high and prepare for the worst if it comes to that.
  1. Life is a Market Place: This life is a Quid pro quo just like a market place where you give and take you can’t get anything for free, we have to scratch each others back. Likewise in a relationship you have to give as much as you take don’t be on the receiving side alone.
  1. Age is More Than a Number: You were born yesterday and today you’re 15 year old, and tomorrow you’ll 30 years old, then you get married have kids and the next thing your a grand parent, as time passes so age increases then you won’t be able to turn the hand of time.


The Common Mistakes People make with their Time

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness: People spend all the time they have chasing money making it look like the end means of happiness.
  1. Socialising the wrong way: We spend time socialising more on the screen than we do in person, such a pity, how the world has turned so robotic even our children are addicted and victims of these brutal truths.
  1. Healthy Relationship vs Health: Unfortunately, people tend to disassociate themselves from their families because of dramas and isolate themselves into sadness and thats unhealthy, most people don’t know that good relationship makes you happier and healthier.  Let me tell you; there is nothing like a perfect family so you need to start tolerating one another because that word Family is compact and it’s meant to be joined together always no matter what so go make amends now because life is a scarce resources you can’t afford to miss use.
  1. Love is Unfair: They say love is unconditional and yet you keep getting heartbreaks well is not your fault because love can not by forced to be honest the only person that can truly love you is You. So start investing your energy in loving yourself more.
  1. Investment: People ignorantly spend so much time investing in others and forgetting about themselves. Don’t get it twisted, investing in other peoples life is actually a good thing but you should invest as much as you do to them to yourself too, and if you’re doing it for love listen there is no guarantee in love because people comes into you life and go whenever they want, and when they realise is time to grow they change. So before you help establish somebody’s make sure your’s is well establish if not you’ll no longer be on the same level with them.


Life is Cruel but Humans are More Cruel

It really baffles me how humans behaviour, so let me specify the three sets of behaviours humans display in their favour: Heartless, Self centred and Mind your cup of tea.

  1. Self Centred: Just like the other day at the car park, I was inside the car, my little baby was on his car seat and his father was standing by the door about to fasten the baby-sit so we could leave and all of a sudden a car drove towards us from behind and forcefully bashed our car pushing it toward a tree, and a lady ran out from the car from the passenger seat and her 7 years old son too who came out from the driver seat crying hysterically, and we all looked at each other in shock and surprised. I managed to find some words and I asked her; “Is all this space not enough for you to reverse and by the way why is your son the driver and she replied I wanted to make him happy so I allowed him to drive”, and that moment me and hubby were dumbfounded. Ok to cut the story short, lets imagine the case was reverse that I and my little baby were not in the picture and it happened that my hubby hit her car I’m sure the lady would have caused a big scene there because he was a man.
  1. Heartless: In that same incident, there was a young man in the same parking lot who happened to witness the whole scene, he was sitting inside his car maybe waiting for somebody and his car was one car space away from ours and he saw what just happened but this fellow didn’t move an inch from his car neither did he bother to ask are you ok or offered to call an ambulance or something. This guy just sat there and watched, and pretended like nothing happened he didn’t utter a word to any of us neither did he make any sign of pity. It saddened my heart there are many similar cases like this where a fellow needs help but instead to offering help to that person they’ll bring out their phones and start filming and I begin to ask myself what is the meaning of life? Do people really see it as some sort of a survival ground where you just life and mind your business?
  1. Mind your own beeswax: The other day, an old man was withdrawing Money from the ATM in Paris by the roadside and 3 thugs walked up to him and wanted to collect his money from him in broad day light people walked by looked and passed, then a good samaritan walked up to them and stopped the thugs, and right as he was on it the people who were watching started cheering him up and said you did well and the good Samaritan was pissed and replied them why didn’t you say something before to stop the thugs why are you all showing concern now? The bitter truths of life is that people like to look away and pretend like they didn’t see anything when they’re  suppose to show concern we act like is not our business.


Who are you?

  1. Pretence is your Enemy: Pretence means one being dishonest to himself and sadly many people seems to be comfortable wearing this suit as they drift away from living their own life. How sad is it that majority of people likes to showoff something they’re not just to make the other feel oppressed and intimated while some pretend because they don’t want to be judged. Hey! Take a break and catch some air.
  1. Power in you: You underestimate yourself, your strength and you stop being who you should really be because you’re afraid to change or/and fail. Life itself is bound to change just like the day and night, the weather and it’s seasons changes, Fear is the only thing between you and your success if you don’t change along you won’t grow.
  1. Nothing like Perfection: Everyone is looking for the perfect partner to spend their life with but the ugly truth is, there is no such thing like perfect in humans.
  1. Prepare your Mind: Every company demands creativity and proactiveness from you, and you try to keep up to these challenges but the ugly truths is no matter how good and creative you are you’ll always be replaceable.
  1. Take care of yourself: Life is tough you need to look out for yourself because no one will.

I hope this piece of words will help you to get your sh*t together and take life more serious.

If you like this article please feel free to share your opinions and thanks for reading.


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