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Yeah I’m presenting to you all one of the very colourful outfit that has been trending so fast lately. Despite it’s flashy attributes, no one seems to be bothered about being seen looking so loud, I call this fashion hunters, what ever is on trend goes!

Only the brave fashion hunters dare to inject vibrant colours into their wardrobe in the winter. Neon brights apparel popped up the runway in the last year Fashion Week held in New York for the 2019 Spring collection, all sort of highlighted hue colours were presented doing the Catwalk to help spice up our routinary winter dark wardrobe thanks to these Fashion forward designers Prabal Gurung, Amy Smilovic founder of Tibi, Brandon Maxwell and Carly Cushnie who knows how it sucks to wear dark colour in the winter.

Hue colors outfits
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As a fashion influencer looking good matters and is important. Personally, it actually feels good to look good and I can fearlessly wear any vibrants colour as long as it suits my skin come to think of it, dark cloths are really boring because what it does is to veil your insecurity.

Many might say this is not for me but really you don’t have to be scared because there are plenty of ways to style a neon dress without looking like a highlighter or a road worker.

Flashy colours

Flashy colours

Flashy colours

Neon dress

She’s one of the hottest instagram fashion influencer and she styled the neon cloths effortlessly, I must say she’s looking absolutely stunning combining it with white.

Whether is a neon orange dress, neon pink dress or a neon yellow dress you should be able to mix and match your attire to your accessories so that you’ll make a meaningful combination without looking like a highlighter instead looking dazzling and enticing just like the Instagram chics does.

Hair: Peruvian Body wave 12 inches

Dress: Poppy Neon Yellow Roll Neck Knit Jumper Dress

Shoes: Missguided Boots (from 2017)

Bag: Uterque Bag (from 2016)

Glasses: YSL New Wave SL 182 Betty


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