Inspired By Top Fast Fashion Brands On Instagram

Fast Fashion Outfit

Weight gain has always been a girls worst struggle and this is a common problem every girl has. In fact, the worst of it is the belly fat that makes one look pregnant when you’re not, that bloated belly sticking out that fitted dress is so uncomfortable.

I’ve always known that fashion played a huge part in my life that is why anytime those insecurities comes around I hit the gym to bring my mind, body back to shape and then shop trendy fast fashion brands outfits on instagram to spice up my wardrobe.




Fashion dress


Sitting on the car

It really helps me get over that insecurities and when I dress up in this leopard printed dress I feel much prettier and comfortable in my body.

Most of you who know me very well know I’m not a fan of keeping bad vibes around me, on the contrary, I tend to keep positive energy at all time even though I know fashion can’t fix problems but it does revive simple insecurities and cheer up your mood.


sitting on top of a car

Sitting on top of the car

Sit checking


It’s plain winter and it already feels like spring as the weather has decided to become warmer most of these days which makes dressing up become more fun and I’m all in for it as long as there’re new cloths in the wardrobe to launch your girl is excited; isn’t that so girlie? 😂

I think sometimes your passion and a little sunlight is all you really need to brighten up your day.




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