DIY: Coco Chanel Bathroom Accessories Sets Organiser

Coco chanel bathroom sets

Hello everyone, just want to share with you one of my newest diy crafts.

I didn’t prepare or plan to make a blog post for this like I use to do for all my diy’s but I feel like showing you how gorgeous these bathroom accessories sets looks, I designed it with some white pearl, Chanel printable logo, a white ribbon, clothing fringes, Diamond stones, Silver band Sparkling stones and a gold elastic ribbon I took from one of my hair extension. Isn’t amazing how useful simple things can be reused?

You can watch video to see how I made it, all items can be found in any store near you.

I have been dying to have a bathroom accessories sets like this for a long time but I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’ve searched for it everywhere even at bed bath and beyond so I decided to make one for myself. My initial plan was to make a complete bathroom sets with a shower curtain but didn’t have much time on my side so I ended up making only the bathroom accessories sets, and i plan to make a matching shower curtain in the future. 

Pearl bathroom accessories

Bathroom Accessories Sets

  • Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Hand Cream Dispenser or Lotion Pump Dispenser
  • Bar Soap Dispenser
  • Toothpaste & Brush Dispenser which can also be used as a Makeup brush holder
  • H&M Wood and Metal Coffee table tray

You can also use our Piano Keys Mirror Coffee Tray

I don’t have any plans on selling these items Coco Chanel bathroom accessories set in my online store as I don’t have right to this logo which will be an infringement to the brands privacy and I want to keep it at that. But by any chance, you’re still dying to have a bathroom set like these I can customise it for you with my Sassymirror By Hilda logo which will be a honour for me to have it decorating your bathroom. 

Logo was used just for only diy and demonstration purpose and I intend to use it personally as my bathroom decor, I won’t be recreating logo neither do I intend on selling any item that has Chanel logo.


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