Beyoncé Debuts Natural Hair Colour with Highlights in the Front Sides – & Beyhive’s Love it

Natural hair colour

From her music to her spectacular Coachella, her costumes and even to her hairstyle, there’s always something to die for about her. The star is so unpredictable, innovative and always have a way of making her things exceptional.

Beyoncé is original in doing things, she knows how to turn heads and become the centre of attention, she’s created a solid devoted fan base and culture that her Beyhive are willing to keep to no matter what. Her unflagging enthusiasm for her music have brought her this far.

The thing about her is that she’s not only admired for her beautiful voice but also known for her signature voluminous honey blonde hairstyles. Lastly we noticed that Queen 🐝 is bored of wearing the same hair style and have switched into something entirely different from her usual. Since April we’ve noticed that she completely ditched her honey blonde hairstyle and went for a much more darker hairstyle and it looks like it suits her even better. 

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Beyoncé hair color in April
Beyonce debut dark Hairstyle
Her hairstyle sometime in May
Beyoncé on shades
The star is not only flaunting her new hair look but she’s also showing off her curvy body.

On Wednesday Beyoncé attended the Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, California, showing off her new hairstyle, she dyed her hair into a natural soft brown and gave it a touch of blonde highlights in the front sides, then styled it to a bouncing loose curls with a middle part in the front of her head leaving each sides to frame her face. 

She posted some photoshoot of her new look on Instagram for her Beyhive’s to enjoy as she knows how to get the attention and she totally succeeded in dazzling her fans with this natural hair colour, seriously, the star is good at giving her audience what they want.

Swipe right to see more pictures 

Nice hair colour

Lovely natural hair color

As the pictures dropped on instagram I could imagine many ladies grabbing their phones to call their hair stylist to recreate Beyoncé’s new hairstyle. If you’re interested in getting this exact hair colour we can recreate it for you either in bundles weft or wig , just click on how our Premium human hair. There are a lot of other cute hairstyles also available in our online shop.

Thanks to Beyoncé hair stylist he/she did justice to the hair and we’re absolutely digging the new daryonce and we hope she’ll be keeping it for a long time.

Another of her hairstyle that we really love is the honey blonde lemonade braids but we will also love to make a request which is we would love to see her do dark medium hairstyles with highlights in the front.


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