How To Style A Sweater To Look Expensive While On A Budget

I can’t believe we are two months away from 2020 to end, the Coivd-19 pandemic took most of the year making the passing of each season unnoticeable and unenjoyable, making us all pass up on the spring and summer weather due to the fear of the virus.

The Covid-19 pandemic setback stymied the entire world, businesses, education systems and lives from advancing. The year 2020 has been quite a very difficult and terrifying year for everyone and, what a horrible way to begin a decade!

Staying conscious of the pandemic and continuing living life. Autumn is now here and we need to make much of the remaining of the months before the year finally runs out and plan ahead for the next year 2021.

You guys loved my Sassy Fashion updates and so I’ve decided to dress the rest of the Autumn in style and incorporating more fashion tips in the year 2021 into my Sassy closet which I hope to be sharing with you all.

Essential Autumn Sassy Closet
Today I’m staying cute and warm in this oversized cashmere look like oversized Sweater with cross rib and Midi skirt with a slit on the side from New Yorker. I wanted to give this look a pronounced fashion statement so I decided to wear this perplex high heel boot from Ego and style it with a Carolina Herrera small Shoulder logo handbag which plays a matching role to the outfit as they seem to have the same colour.

Sassy Fashion Tips


Adjusting Sweater sleeve



Sassy Fashion

What I like about this Sweater is that it opens up more options to teaming it with a variety of trousers

New Yorker: Cashmere Look like Sweater


New Yorker: Midi skirt with a slit


Ego Perplex Boot


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