Brunette Dress

Hello guys,

Lately I`ve be surfing online in search of trendy outfits for my wardrobe as I`m trying hard to avoid the custom of postpartum abstinence 😁 so I decided to hit the online shops that I discovered from instagram.

Online Innovative retail ideas 

The rate of consumers online shopping habits has immensely increased compared to the way it was in 2010, I remember having a conversation on this topic with a senior friend of mine who seemed to be my train mate, we always met at the train station in the mornings in Sitges, I was heading to Uni in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona while he to work. We sat together as usually and we spoke about Apps and also about online shopping and he said to me that he can see in few years from now that people will shop more online than in-door stores, and I throw the question to him; how is that going to be possible if people can’t actually see and feel the product then how can they trust the products are the right one they want.

Well it looks like he foresaw the future of online shopping!

Another added plus to the online retail improvement is that most online stores are working hand in hand with delivery service companies to deliver their product as fast as possible to their customers which we consumers find fascinating and it obviously inspires one to want to shop anytime and get their item delivered in the next 5 hours. To my clear understanding this is how it helps the online stores and brand to increase sales of a product.

Here are some day outfit pictures and links to the website! just so is easier for everyone to find. Logo dress



Brunette Dress


Happy in Logo dress

Click on the name of the brands to direct you to the websites


Dress: Missy Empire

Corset: Missy Empire

Shoes (Niedriger EZ Sneaker Karlen): Ralph Lauren





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