Fear is part of human nature and failure is part of life. It’s unimaginable to go through life without experiencing some sort of failure.

Kanye West Invited Jesus to Paris Fashion Week with a Special Sunday Service

Paris Fashion Week was an event to lighten up the city of love once again which brought various fashion enthusiasts, designers, supermodels & models, sttylist and photographers together. 

Hilda Shows How to Wear Pink Effortlessly – Summer Glam

There are different shades of pink and they all stand out separately or together,  so don’t worry about having too much pink in your wardrobe because too much is never too much.

Beyoncé Debuts Natural Hair Colour with Highlights in the Front Sides – & Beyhive’s Love it

From her music to her spectacular Coachella, her costumes and even to her hairstyle, there’s always something to die for about her. The star is so unpredictable, innovative and always have a way of making her things exceptional.

DIY: Coco Chanel Bathroom Accessories Sets Organiser

Hello everyone, just want to share with you one of my newest diy crafts. I didn’t prepare or plan to make a blog post for this like I use to do for all my diy’s but I feel like showing you how gorgeous these bathroom accessories sets looks, I designed it with some white pearl,Continue reading “DIY: Coco Chanel Bathroom Accessories Sets Organiser”